Tokyo Art Book Fair Exhibition

Juan Narowé + Mateus Acioli + Raul Luna


This year Brazil is the guest country at Tokyo Art Book Fair. People in Tokyo will be able to see the best of brazilian design and zine culture curated by Feira Plana, a São Paulo based group responsible for many events and movements around the independent editorial scene in Brazil.

Parallel to the fair the brazilian artists Juan Narowé, Mateus Acioli and Raul Luna will open an exhibition at the Gallery and Bar Orbit, famous for their conteporary artists selections and also for their chill space where shoes must stay outside the event space.

Exhibition is called "Morreu" – it died in english; concept you can read bellow, but make sure to drop by the exhibition and party to check this out.


It’s dead. The masses contorting in the face of madness, squealing, restless, shouting profanities at the monolith.

It’s dead. Chaos, the Messenger, lays its scepter carefully on our shoulders, taunting us with secrets. Its words a plague eating our thoughts like vermin on a fresh corpse.

The masses contorts again, hungry for leverage, a way out.

It’s dead. There’s no escape from it, the monolith rises again and reflects our past back to us with truth and rage.

Flags are born and burnt down.


今年のTokyo Art Book Fairでは"ブラジル"をフィーチャーします。ブラジルのアートブックフェア「Feira Plana」のオーガナイザーや出版社、アーティストを招聘し、これまで日本で触れる機会の少なかったブラジルの出版文化をさまざまな切り口から紹介します。

space orbitではブラジルからくる3人のアーティストが展示を開くことになりました。エクスペリメンタルデザインアートピースを紹介します。










Morreu em Tokyo - Exhibition Party
September 17th 11pm ~ 5am
¥1.500 (First drink)

*** Live (experimental) music set by ***
>>> Raul Luna
>>> Beto Galvão
more TBA

Juan Narowé
Juan Narowé is a visual artist and illustrator.
Founder and curator of Pequod, an independent press focusing on drawing.
Mateus Acioli
Visual Artist
Mateus Acioli is a visual artist.
graphic designer and editor living and working in São Paulo, Brazil.
Raul Luna
Art Director
Raul Luna is an art director based in Brazil.