2018.09.18 TUE 20:00-25:00

Sound Garden #20




1st Drink ¥1000

We are very happy our next Sound Garden will be on Wednesday 13 September, a chance for friends, old and new, to meet and catch up while enjoying some ambient and downtempo music. Joining the residents will be a special guest and good friend, Haruka. While Haruka is better known for his techno DJing, he has a wide interest in music, also reflected through his more experimental project 'Twin Peaks' with DJ Yazi. We have been wanting to have him as a guest for a while, and are looking forward to having Haruka play for us. Come join us for a drink and some quality music. Free entry, first drink 1000 yen.


Sound Garden #20

1st Drink ¥1000

Haruka (Future Terror)

Chris SSG
David Dicembre