2019.10.18 FRI 19:00-23:00






Ambient and Chill Music Only

For this first edition, we welcome you in Space orbit, a cosy place with plenty of room to lie down and relax, in a secretive basement of Sangenjaya. If you fancy a bit of food, they offer top tier curries and falafels. They also have shisha(Hookah) and of course drinks to go with the psyche atmosphere.

With us for the evening, a well known figure of the moody techno scene, Kumari, will show us what she got on the calmer spectrum of her catalogue.
It won't be the first time that American but long term Japan resident Gojitmal plays at Orbit, and we're very happy to have his DJ experience with us for this first edition.
Just back from Australia but born and raised in Kansai is KANARY, well known in Tokyo for her selective and melodic house/techno sets. We're looking forward to see what she got in her "no beats" crates!
Finally Belgian host Allo will continue to explore with you his increasingly large and singular ambient selection.



今度は Kumari、Gojitmal、KANARY及びホストのAlloもDJとして選りすぐりのアンビアント曲でお待ちしています。


Entrance : 1000 YEN