2017.04.21 FRI 19:00-23:00

Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.12 “For Beginners” Special




¥2000(一般) / ¥1000(学生)

(English below)

まずはオンラインチュートリアルサイト「BenBen」を運営するJosh Bessが、ビートを組む上で重要になるSwingとGrooveについて解説します。

そしてテクノポップユニット「イワモリ」で活躍している森谷諭が、短いループからフル尺のトラックを作る方法について解説。さらにAbleton Meetup Tokyoの共同オーガナイザーのDJ AtがAbleton Liveを使ったDJの入門編について紹介します。
そして、Ableton Meetup Tokyoは今回をもってSpace Orbitを卒業し、6月から新しい会場に移転します。Space Orbitで最後に開催するスペシャルなミートアップに是非ともお越し下さいませ!


Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.12 "For Beginners" Special

日時:2017年4月21日 午後7時開場
会場:Space Orbit http://bar-orbit.com/ 154-0004 東京都世田谷区太子堂5丁目28−9

“What is Swing & Groove?”
by Josh Bess(BenBen, Ableton認定トレーナー, Dubspot Instructor)

by 森谷 諭 (Ableton認定トレーナー)

”DJから始めるAbleton Live”
by DJ At (Ableton認定トレーナー)

MC: Koyas, CD HATA
DJ: baseHEAD


Spring has come in Tokyo. Spring is good opportunity to start a new thing. In this meet-up, We feature "for beginners" topics. Actually, this is one of the most difficult presentation topics, so all presenters are Ableton Certified Trainers.
Josh Bess, who hosts BenBen, an online tutorial site, tells about swings & grooves which is essential for beat making.
Satoshi Moriya who is from techno pop unit "Iwamori", shows how to composite from 8 bars loop to entire track.
DJ At, co-organizer of Ableton Meetup Tokyo, shows how to start out djing with Ableton Live.
One more thing, AMT moves another venue from June. So this is the last meet up at Space Orbit and a little special one. We look forward to see you!!!

PLEASE NOTE: All programs except Josh Bess presentation use Japanese language.

Event Summery

Title: Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.11 Hardware Special
Date: 4.21, 2017 (Fri) Open 7pm
Venue: Space Orbit http://bar-orbit.com/
Fee: 2000yen / Students 1000yen (Requires student ID for discount)

“What is Swing & Groove?”
by Josh Bess (BenBen, Ableton Certified Trainer, Dubspot Instructor)

“Progress your track from 8 bars”
by Satoshi Moriya (Ableton Certified Trainer)

”Start out djing with Ableton Live”
by DJ At (Ableton Certified Trainer)

MC: Koyas, CD HATA